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Cleaning Kit

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What is NutraEarClin?

  • NutraEarClin is an ear cleaning kit applied topically to the external auditory canal.

  • NutraBarClin consists of a bottle made of latex-free polyethylene, scaled to approximately 400 ml, and a white-off-white washing solution powder mixture in a heat-sealed primary packaging material sachet of polyethylene -aluminum-polyethylene foil.

  • When a sachet is diluted with water in a bottle, the solution's active ingredient qualitatively contains sodium bicarbonate, sodium carbonate and sodium lauryl sulfate.

  • NutraBarClin is used as an external auditory canal cleaning product that helps to remove the formations such as plug/cerumen (earwax) etc. from the external auditory canal and to eliminate the complaints they cause.

  • When used periodically and regularly, NutraEarClin also prevents the formations such as plug/cerumen (earwax) etc. from reoccurring in the external auditory canal.

To find out more about this product, refer to the patient leaflet below.

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