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NutraNaso Clin

Cleaning Kit

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What is NutraNaso Clin?

With its 20 sachets and the irrigation bottle, a nasal wash system that is easy and quick to use. It is ideal for the daily hygiene of the mucous membranes of the nose and as an adjuvant for the treatment of allergies, colds and sinusitis.


  • Nasal congestion 

  • Cold or allergic rhinitis

  • Acute and chronic sinusitis

  • Hypertrophic rhinitis during pregnancy

  • Snoring at night

  • Staying in dry or polluted environments

  • Exposure to fumes and irritants

  • Surgery (before and after)

  • Daily cleansing of the nasal cavities

To find out more about this product, refer to the patient leaflet below.

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